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We can help with
  • Script developement

    In order to make developing a story as smooth and easy as possible, we advise you from the initial idea to the formulation and conclusion of script development, screenplay and author contracts.  We act as your partner so that you have to deal with as few legal issues as possible and can instead concentrate more on conception, design and organisation.

  • Promotion, financing

    Production costs are always high, and often the financial resources available are not enough to fund the production on their own. There are however various funding options and financing schemes that provide financial support for producers.

    We can help with the financing of your projects, from seeking public film funding and private investor contracts, to dividend payments and setting up of distribution waterfalls.

  • Production contracts

    We draft and structure the various contracts that need to be concluded within the framework of a production, such as those for direction, cast, crew, producer, location, etc., and in these we define the services, rights and obligations of the parties.

  • Distribution and sales contracts

    We will draw up sales and distribution contracts for you and clarify the theatre rights, the home entertainment rights, on-demand and online rights, TV broadcasting rights, etc., as well as the important and always controversial aspect of revenue distribution.

  • Contract negotiations and legal dusputes

    In the entertainment industry, contract negotiations and legal disputes can often become a huge burden if one does not react quickly and effectively.

  • Rights clearing

    In order to be on the safe side, you have to consider many legal aspects in your production. If the production is to be marketed, it is essential to ensure that all the rights of the contributors and the original authors are available. We make sure that you can publish your work unhindered by clearing all rights in the areas of copyright, public domain, film music, etc.

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Sports & Events

Concert and sports organisers, stadium operators, sponsors, booking agencies, clubs, theatres, fairground operators, Bundesliga clubs, sports associations or sports consultants. Our clients come from all areas of the sports and events industry.

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Press & Media

We can provide comprehensive support in all areas of the law governing the media and the right to make statements, from examining a planned publication to accompanying legal proceedings related to publications. Our clients include publishers and other media as well as businesses and people affected by press coverage.

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