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We can help with
  • Knowledge and experience

    Our experience in IP, IT or data protection law can also help you in court. Our specialists know both substantive law and the business. We also have a broad network of colleagues at home and abroad who we can consult on international issues.

  • IP Litigation

    Infringements of industrial property rights often culminate in legal proceedings. Our experienced lawyers will defend you in court against challenges arising from trademarks, copyrights or designs or will enforce your claims arising from such rights against third parties before German courts

  • Process Economy

    Based on our experience, we are able to assess the risk of litigation and make a legally but also economically sound recommendation on how to proceed; should the proceedings be conducted, avoided or should a settlement be sought?

  • Network

    We have an international network of outstanding procedural lawyers whom we can consult on cross-border issues and whom we can call in or recommend as representatives when enforcing rights abroad.

  • Competition Law

    If a competitor violates the rules of fair competition or if competitors obstruct one another deliberately and by unfair means, this can result in claims for injunctive relief and damages, which we can enforce, defend and secure both in and out of court.

  • Employment law

    We represent our clients before employment tribunals, regional employment courts and the Federal Employment Court in all kinds of legal proceedings, in particular in actions against unfair dismissal, actions for termination of employment and compensation as well as anti-discrimination claims.

  • Administrative Tribunal proceedings

    We also represent our clients’ interests in disputes concerning emission permits, special use permits or event-specific building permits for their events, or defend against legal actions brought by neighbours.

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Litigation Law

If legal proceedings cannot be avoided or are the preferred remedy, then you need to bring in the experts. We have consolidated 25 years of experience in litigation in a powerful team in order to bring even large and complicated cases to a successful conclusion.

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Press & Media

We can provide comprehensive support in all areas of the law governing the media and the right to make statements, from examining a planned publication to accompanying legal proceedings related to publications. Our clients include publishers and other media as well as businesses and people affected by press coverage.

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