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We can help with
  • Hardware and software contracts

    We draft and review IT contracts from acquisition and development, through adaptation and use, to the maintenance and servicing of software or hardware. We are also happy to guide you through the contract negotiations for you or provide advice if your IT project goes wrong.

  • E-commerce and distance selling

    From the classic B2C online shop to the marketplace solution: we advise and support providers and operators in legal implementation, prepare the necessary legal texts and monitor required information obligations.

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  • Mobile apps

    You want to offer your solution as a mobile application or distribute content or services via such mobile offers? We understand the specifics.

  • Social media

    Be it your own corporate presence on a social media platform or the distribution of content or offers via such platforms – we will show you the legal pitfalls.

  • Platforms and Cloud Computing

    We advise platform operators, SaaS providers or other service providers of cloud solutions on the creation and enforcement of user guidelines and other legal texts as well as the structuring of the various legal relationships.

  • Online- und e-mail marketing

    We will show you which forms of digital advertising (e.g. e-mail, lottery, social media, display, search engines, affiliate) are possible and what you need to be aware of. Our consulting services range from the classic distribution list to advertising networks and CRM & DMP solutions.

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  • Open source

    Software development is not possible without open source. We can advise you, both as a provider of an open source solution and with regard to the use of open source solutions from third parties. When drafting software contracts, we always keep the possible use of the various open source models in mind.

  • Digitalisation 2025

    AI, Blockchain, Industry 4.0, carIT, E-Learning and Smart Data. Topics of the digital future are affecting us even today, because for many of our clients the future is already part of their everyday practice.

  • Provider contracts

    We advise providers of IT services such as ASP, housing and hosting as well as in the context of cloud solutions on the legal structuring of customer relationships, from the contract offer to the service level agreement.

  • IT Transactions

    We advise and assist in IT transactions, from the sale of system solutions and other IT know-how to restructuring measures, including measures to secure own legal positions such as software escrow.

  • Online sales and online commerce

    We can support you in setting up online distribution systems and in designing your digital business model, right up to the Omni-channel system.

  • Procedural law

    Our specialists in procedural and litigation law will assist you in disputes, both in court and in arbitration, conciliation or mediation, in order to help you assert your rights.

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  • Employment Law

    Our employment law specialists will provide you with the necessary agreements and other legal texts, such as BYOD agreements, e-mail and internet use, IT guidelines and agreements for freelance developers.

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  • Websites

    Whether website/platform creation, protection of digital content or domain disputes: we provide advice on all issues relating to securing your digital presence and ensure compliance with the legal requirements for telemedia.

  • Data protection

    IT law has to be based on data protection. We always bear in mind requirements from the DSGVO or other data protection regulations.

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  • International IT Law

    Digitisation does not stop at national borders. With our close network of colleagues all over the world, we are also prepared for European and international projects.

  • E-signature, e-payment, e-invoicing

    Are you or are you planning to be entirely digital from conclusion of contract to invoicing and payment? Then we will advise you on the legal requirements and possibilities, including electronic signature procedures.

  • IT tenders

    If you are in the public sector or wish to apply for a public procurement procedure, our team will advise you on all relevant provisions of IT law relating to public procurement law and support you in the use of EVB-IT ( additional T&C provisions relating to IT procurement).

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Data protection law

We have been advising our clients on data protection issues for many years. From simple data protection declarations to complex expert opinions, from the examination of order processing agreements to representation in data protection disputes, we offer our services to clients from all sectors.

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IT Security

Without adequate information security, digitisation is not possible. We offer advice on the legal aspects of IT and data security.

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