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  • Communications Law and Telecommunications Law

    With the arrival of new means of communication, there is no clear-cut answer to the question of whether the Telecommunications law is applicable. We will be happy to carry out a comprehensive assessment for you and assist you with any questions relating to the Telecommunications Act.

  • Press law

    In all matters of press law, the conflicting fundamental rights must be weighed against each other. Freedom of opinion and the right to information clash with personal rights. We are more than happy to support you in asserting your rights, whether you are the person concerned or the publishing medium.

  • Lobbying work

    We provide you with support in your lobbying work, e.g. by drafting statements in the context of the legislative process as well as for internal and external opinion-forming.

  • Media law

    We also examine new possibilities for advertising and appearances, such as influencer marketing, in particular with regard to aspects of competition law and data protection law as well as questions of intellectual property law.

  • Wholesale/OTT contracts

    We will draft and review your wholesale or OTT contracts. We also provide general advice on your projects.

  • Personal rights

    For a long time now, personal rights have also had a commercial value, which can be protected as well as exploited. We will support you in the granting of rights and in all legal issues relating to monetisation.

  • Fibre optic contracts / 5G

    Fibre optic contracts are a fundamental part of the media and telecommunications sector. We also provide support in complaints against 5G antennas.

  • Domains and domain names

    We offer advice to you both as registrar and as registry for ccTLDs, gTLDs and newgTLDs in connection with tenders, awards at ICANN, registrar contracts, general terms and conditions and registration conditions.

  • Provider liability

    We provide you with sound knowledge when it comes to the question of liability. Particularly with regard to provider liability; with the rapid pace of technological change, there is no per se classification of providers into rigid categories. Whether access provider, hosting provider or content provider, we will clarify your liability issues.

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Press & Media

We can provide comprehensive support in all areas of the law governing the media and the right to make statements, from examining a planned publication to accompanying legal proceedings related to publications. Our clients include publishers and other media as well as businesses and people affected by press coverage.

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Intellectual property rights

Often confused with industrial law - Industrial property law is about the protection and marketing of intellectual property. Copyright law, fair trading law and antitrust law are also part of the broader scope of this subject. When it comes to the protection of patents, we work with external patent lawyers who can give you the best possible professional assistance.

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