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«Establish a LLC in cash»

We establish your LLC including the incorporation deed, articles of association, commercial register application, opting-out, Lex Friedrich declaration and if you provide the necessary signatures in front of us including the signature certifications.

If you are unable to sign in front of us, another notary can certify your signature on the power of attorney and the commercial register application and we can establish the company without your further involvement.

Here you will find a checklist for the formation of a LLC, if you do not want to form via the forms and prefer to contact us directly.

«Establish a LLC with contribution in kind»

Would you like to pay in your nominal capital through a contribution in kind instead of cash? If you decide to establish with contribution in kind, you will be confronted with more stringent requirements compared to the «regular» cash establishment. Our flat rate «establishment with contribution in kind» additionally includes the preparation of the contribution in kind contracts and the incorporation reports. In addition, we organise and advise you in the selection of the appropriate contribution in kind auditor.

You can also combine the establishment with contribution in kind with an establishment in cash. Your company establishment or conversion is best carried out at HÄRTING! At HÄRTING you will receive professional advice before and after the establishment of your company. Start now with the form to establish your company.