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Since July 2018, the EU and Japan have been involved in talks on security measures to protect personal data from the EU. At the end of the negotiations, a so-called adequacy decision will be made to guarantee that the level of data protection in Japan corresponds to that of the EU. Such a decision makes it possible to move data between the two areas without additional authorisations or security measures. Both sides, the EU and Japan, will first go through their respective internal processes.

In the context of European opinion-forming, the European data protection authority was asked by MEP Věra Jourová to examine the draft adequacy decision and formulate an opinion. The Committee will carefully review the draft. The far-reaching consequences of the draft must be taken into account, as well as the need to protect personal data within the EU.

As soon as the European Data Protection Authority (EDPB) has formed its opinion, a committee consisting of representatives of the member states will be consulted.


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Further information:

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