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A new list containing names “worthy of protection” under .ch should be compiled and domain names should be “reserved” as required. The aim of protection is the assignment of these domain names that are “worthy of protection”, if considerable damage could otherwise be inflicted on their reputation. Domain names such as e.g. “”, “” etc. would be possible.

Unlike .ch, .swiss should be what is known as a restricted registry. This means that stringent requirements need to be satisfied for registration under .swiss, such as the following:

  • A compulsory reference to Switzerland that has not yet been specified in more detail in the strategy paper
  • The registrar decides whether the requirement has been satisfied and who has priority where there is any conflict of interest
  • ICANN’s UDRB is also applicable

Under .swiss, there will also be a list of names worthy of protection (which is hopefully identical to those listed under .ch). The list of names worthy of protection should include names for the state, the name for federal institutions, the names of federal councillors, federal chancellors and official buildings.

Also, under what is known as the new gTLD, the federal administration will attempt to implement and reserve the list of names worthy of protection by blocking these in the respective registries.

The federal domain and domain name strategy is implemented at a local, federal administration level. However, the federal chancellery manages the list of names worthy of protection and the procedure for assigning domain names. OFCOM supports candidacies for new gTLDs. OFCOM designates the registrar for .ch, but reserves the right to operate this itself. OFCOM is the registrar for .swiss. Finally, IGE should advise federal authorities regarding assignment of a domain name.