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Companies are increasingly being supported in legal matters by automated software or artificial intelligence. We at de la cruz beranek Rechtsanwälte help companies in the evaluation and implementation of such software. We also develop individual software or interfaces for our partners to connect our systems to those of our clients and thus offer our clients the best possible solution.

In receivables management, for example, we have developed a tailor-made solution with a client in which correspondence, document management and the preparation of the necessary complaints to the courts are handled by software. Individual interfaces on both sides not only prevent a tedious back and forth between several tools, but also save a lot of time and money. The e-mail correspondence could be reduced to a minimum and the client as well as the law firm can view the status of each case at any time. Reporting provides a good overview.

Such individual solutions are our strength and bring added value to our clients. Please feel free to contact us for advice, support or cooperation.