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How we help
  • Protection against competitors

    Competition law regulates fair competition for services between competitors. If a competitor violates these rules or if competitors obstruct each other deliberately and by using unfair means, claims for injunctive relief and damages may arise, which we enforce, defend and secure out of court and in court.

  • Warnings

    Warnings are a common instrument for enforcing competition law claims out of court. It is important to respond quickly and accurately to warnings in order to avoid legal proceedings or to safeguard the legal position of the addressee of the warning.

  • Marketing

    We offer well-founded and technology and innovation-oriented consulting for legally compliant marketing, especially in online marketing and advertising with influencers and opinion leaders. We develop tailor-made compliance measures with you. In unavoidable grey areas we show you ways and means of minimising risks.

  • Informing and labelling requirements

    To protect consumers, comprehensive information and labelling requirements apply in the EU and in Germany.  We advise you, for example, in the area of health claims, the legally compliant design of online offers, but also the labelling of textiles and technologically complex products.

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Das Recht der digitalen Werbung beschäftigt uns schon lange. Ging es in den Anfängen vor allem um das Double-Opt-in und die Markenverwendung als Keyword für Suchanfragen oder gar in Metatags, dreht sich inzwischen vieles um den Datenschutz. Wir beraten Agenturen, deren Kunden, wir helfen Tool-Anbietern bei Datenschutzfragen und Unternehmen bei Marketing-Maßnahmen.

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Als Preferred Business Partner des bevh sind wir seit vielen Jahren bestens mit der Branche vertraut. Ob AGB, Gestaltung des Checkouts, Payment-Fragen oder Datenschutzthemen, wir helfen unseren Mandanten mit maßgeschneiderten Lösungen.

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