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  • Registration of trademarks and designs

    Registering a trademark or design is a basic requirement for protecting your intellectual property. Many mistakes can be made in the very formal application procedures. We find the right strategies, take care of the applications and accompany you through the rest of the process.

  • Trademark and design infringements

    We have decades of experience in the defence of intellectual property rights. We enforce claims for our clients in the event of infringement of trade mark and other intellectual property rights.

  • Contracts and general terms and conditions

    Many agreements in the creative industry are made more informally than in other business areas. We help to regulate contractual relationships in a clear and legally compliant manner – from the model release to the general terms and conditions.

  • Licence agreements and transfer of rights

    If you want to commercialise intellectual property rights, there is no getting around cooperation with third parties. We advise and support you when IP rights are to be transferred or licenced. We look for the best utilisation options for you.

  • Compliance

    Artists and fashion designers have to observe extensive compliance regulations, from textile labelling and supply chain tracking to money laundering. We help you keep an overview.

  • Trademark monitoring

    If you are not taking care of your trade marks, you are weakening yourself. The registration of similar or identical trade marks by third parties dilutes your own trade mark rights. Regular monitoring of the registers counteracts this. In most cases, collisions can be easily avoided. We offer monitoring services.

  • IP research

    Founding a company without first searching for relevant prior rights of third parties can have unpleasant consequences. There is a risk of losing all your investment in brand development. We search for prior rights and carry out risk analyses – even before registration.

  • Rights of personality

    Artists must respect the personal rights of others. This includes the right to one’s own image and the FADP. Data protection regulations must also be observed when processing contracts.

  • Legal opinion

    We prepare legal opinions on all issues relating to intellectual property, competition law, distribution law and examine business concepts for feasibility.

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