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Few days left till 25. Mai 2018. Time for the final sprint for compliance of EU GDPR and detailed analysis  of the draft of DSG.

Prof. Niko Härting and Michal Chickochi report to us about the implementation issues. Nicole Beranek Zanon presents a detailed analysis of the draft Data Protection Act relating to the EU GDPR. In addition, data protection issues arise in relation to new technologies such as Blockchain and AI, for which Nicole Beranek Zanon Solutions will identify solutions.

The seminar is intended to show practitioners (legal counsel, corporate data protection officers, security officers and data protection stakeholders) what challenges are involved in the Implementation of the EU GDPR and what to expect from the Data Protection Act as well as how new technical developments impact data protection.Friday, 23 March 2017
13.00 – 17:30, Hotel Widder, Rennweg 7, Zurich


13.30 Begrüssung
Nicole Beranek Zanon

13.45 EU DSGVO – Schlussspurt zur Compliance und Mitigation verbleibender Risiken
Prof. Niko Härting

14.30 In welchen Bereichen überschiesst der Entwurf des Schweizerischen Datenschutzgesetzes?
Nicole Beranek Zanon

15:00 Praxiserfahrungen in der Umsetzung von Datenschutzanforderungen im Bankenumfeld
Michal Cichocki

15.45 Kaffeepause

16.15 Ein Versuch eines Überblickes über gängige DSGVO-Tools (und deren Vor- und Nachteile)
Carmen de la Cruz Böhringer

16:35 Techn. Annäherung an die DSGVO «on a global scale»
Dominic Piernot

17:00 Neue Technologien und Datenschutz
Boris Inderbitzin


17:45 ApéroProf. Niko Härting, studied the Free University of Berlin, In 1996 he founded HÄRTING
Rechtsanwälte. He is, among others, Member of the Information Rights Committee of the German Bar Association, regular contributor to the journals IT und IP-Rechtsberater and Kommunikation & Recht, member of the editorial board of Computer und Recht as well as publisher of the journal PinG – Privacy in Germany.

Attorney-at-law Nicole Beranek Zanon, Executive MBA HSG, studied at the University of Fribourg and completed a bilingual degree (de / fr) with a distinction in European Law
. She publishes regularly on privacy and technology issues and teaches at the FHNW, ZHAW and the University of St. Gallen as a guest lecturer. She is founding partner of de la cruz beranek Rechtsanwälte.

Michal Cichocki, MLaw, Legal Counsel, worked as a lawyer and external Data Protection Officer in a law firm in Bern / Freiburg / Geneva and is now Senior Legal Counsel and Data Orotection Officer of Zürcher Kantonalbank in Zurich.

Attorney-at-law Carmen de la Cruz, studied at the University of Fribourg and completed a bilingual degree (de / fr) with a distinction in European Law . She is a federally certified Business IT Scientist and has a CAS in cloud computing, in Information Security
as well as in IT Management from FHNW and is IT Security Officer at BSI. She is founding partner of de la cruz beranek Rechtsanwälte.

Dominic Piernot manages the German offices and data centres of the global eDiscovery and Information Governance service provider Inventus Solutions. Originally working in the design, operation and planning of medium and large data centres, Dominic Piernot has been a familiar face on the legal IT scene for many years.Attorney-at-law Nicole Beranek Zanon
de la cruz beranek Rechtsanwälte


RA lic. iur. Nicole Beranek Zanon



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21. März 2018