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This bug resulted in making it possible to view certain documents or the user names of other applicants. ICANN will analyse which documents and user names were viewed and inform the relevant applicants. It should be possible to exclude compromised data before TAS recommences its operation.

On 19 March 2012, there was apparently a notification that TAS was posing problems. ICANN ignored this notification as there were no indications that this could lead to a problem in the event of heavy traffic.

ICANN will only continue the registration process and reopen TAS if it is 100% certain that the patch will close the security loophole and the bug will not recur. Although ICANN treats this as the highest priority, it may still take some time before TAS is reopened.

1 May 2012 was originally intended as the date for publication of the proposed new TLDs. However, this date has now been postponed. It is unlikely that publication will be before 1 June 2012. Further information can be found at: