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In the future, no unannounced prices may be charged.

Providers of value-added services may only charge the price indicated on the 090x number, surcharges are not permitted. Value-added services on the Internet may only be billed for the service if the price is advertised transparently on or near the acceptance button. Either “payable order” or a corresponding clear wording must be clearly visible on the button and be clearly legible (Article 11abis (2) of the Price Announcement Ordinance of 11 December 1978 (PBV, SR 942. 211).

In billing for services via Handshake (WAP, DCB, DOB), an explicit confirmation in a new screen window (Article 11abis (3) PBV) will required in the future.

Unsolicited advertising calls with a star entry without an existing customer relationship have been punishable as unfair business practices since 1 April 2012 (Article 3 (1) of the UWG)

These provisions of the Telecommunications Service and Price Announcement Ordinance, which were passed by the Federal Council on 5 November last year, come into force on 1 July 2015. Now check the price announcement of your value-added services on the Internet and telephony.