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Parliament has completed the revision of the DSG: Switzerland now has a modern data protection law, which is closely based on the EU’s basic data protection regulation (DSGVO).
The last differences in the Councils were resolved at the conciliation conference: In future, profiling with a high risk for the person concerned will require the express prior consent of the person concerned; creditworthiness data may be stored for up to 10 years.
Switzerland has thus also paved the way for an adequate level of data protection in relation to the EU. The corresponding EU decision is still pending.
For the Swiss economy, the successful conclusion of the agreement represents an important step in order to avoid having to fear new obstacles, particularly in trade relations with the EU.
It is now important to implement the new requirements in companies as quickly as possible, as the new law does not provide for any transitional periods when the revision comes into force. Entry into force will be determined by the Federal Council – after the referendum period has expired and the corresponding ordinance has been amended.If you have further questions about the revision of the DSG and would like to learn more about data protection for your company, please visit our webcast series on data protection. If you wish, we would also be happy to organise an in-house seminar specially tailored to your company and your employees. Please get in touch with our contact partners.


SDA-Meldung Debatte im Nationalrat, 24.09.2020