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Members who use a Simsa hosting quality seal, must comply with the code of conduct. This contains the principles of conduct for the hosting provider in connection with illegal content. As policy, it specifies that the hosting provider is not obliged to actively monitor websites and applications. The hosting provider undertakes to respond in the case of a formally and materially sufficient notification from a rights holder by informing its clients of notifications regarding infringement of rights and asking them to remove infringing contents. The hosting provider makes their client aware that they may be liable to pay damages to the hosting provider. The hosting provider may ask the client for security as a precaution to cover this liability.

Where there is a clear infringement of rights, the hosting provider may block access to the website. A clear infringement of rights exists if the hosting provider or any layperson becomes aware of the existence of such an infringement of rights. This particularly applies in areas such as race discrimination, hard pornography and any display of violence. However, other offences, such as e.g. infringements of copyright, are more difficult to identify and assess, which is why it is often not possible to establish a clear infringement of rights. The problem arises in practice as to e.g. whether the person making the notification is also the rights holder. It is also often difficult for the hosting provider to identify whether use is illegal or permitted.