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  • Tomislav Nad is a security professional and engineer by heart. He holds a Master degree in mathematics with focus on IT-Security. During his master thesis he discovered his passion for cryptography and continued with a PhD in Cryptography in the Crypto Group at IAIK, University of Technology Graz. After he spent several years in research he switched to industry to work on today’s security problems. Since then he worked as Security Consultant, Chief Security Architect and Head of Research. Recently, he joined SGS Digital Trust Service as Head of Cryptography and System Security in Cybersecurity Lab Graz.
  • Nicole Beranek Zanon (Moderator), is one of the top lawyers in privacy in Switzerland, she holds a bilingual degree, European Law predicate, Exec. MBA HSG, she is founding partner of de la cruz Beranek Rechtsanwälte AG, an information communication and technology law boutique law firm.

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